How Counting down gifts came about

The idea for counting down gifts came to me when trying to think of what to give my sister for her birthday.  She was due to visit me from New Zealand and 3 months seemed like a long time to wait.  So to make the waiting more fun i bought 12 little gifts, wrapped each separately and posted them to her in one parcel.  

Each week when i rang her she opened one of the little gifts.  I had chosen small things that were both fun and useful.  She enjoys cooking so i sent a lovely set of porcelain measuring scoops, a kitchen egg timer.  Some soap, body cream.  A travel note book for her visit with me, handmade chocolates, some fun art temporary tattoos….

Although i knew what i had bought for her, as the weeks went by i had almost forgotten what was in the parcels making the surprise greater for me as well.  

This gave me the idea to create gifts that were fun for both the sender and the receiver as well as helping the time go by to a special time, making the waiting easier.


We believe in the excitement and anticipation. Tell us what you are looking forward to and a bit about your loved one and we will deliver an array of surprise gifts for you to open and count down to the event


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