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Simple, fun and exciting way to count down to an event with Surprise gifts to open

How It Works

Our custom hand picked gifts are a great surprise for your loved ones. Follow a few simple steps and we do the rest!

Tell us how long to that special time and how many gifts to send

Are you having a reunion, birthday, Christmas, holiday, anniversary…..?
We can select the gifts to suit.

Let us know about your event, who the gifts are for, what they like, their hobbies, their goals.

You can tell us as little or as much as you like.  The more we know the better we can tailor their gifts to suit.

Your Surprise Gifts Arrive

We post your surprise gifts in a gift bag to your loved ones so they can open then one by one till that special time.

Surprise Gifts

Counting Down to your chosen date

” I chose to send my wife a gift for each week until i got back from a business trip.  Each week she would call and tell me what she had got that day.  Each gift a surprise for us both”

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This is a great idea to start for some inspiration on how you can customise your Counting Down Gifts Experience!

All gifts will be selected with consideration of their quality, their manufacture, their usefulness and especially for the impact on the environment.

We believe excitement is in anticipation. Simply tell us what you are looking forward to and a bit about your loved one and we will deliver surprise gifts for you to open and count down to the event


Tailored to your loved one


A surprise for them or both of you


Various levels of gifts


Count daily, weekly  or monthly


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What people Say…

You can count on us to deliver

Liz from Essex

“My son was stressing about his qualifying exams ahead.  He spent so much time studying and focussing on his job and exams I sent a Counting Down Gift parcel.  I would call him or visit to see how he was and each time we spoke, he would open a gift to help relieve the stress and brighten his day.  He wanted to become a vet and the gifts were focussed around animals.  We loved the cat shaped stress ball and the cow diary/note book.  He passed, maybe it was the relaxing room fresh essence that helped!”


“My best friend was due to have a baby and I discovered Counting Down Gifts. I chose a gift bag that contained 6 gifts so she could open one a week for the 6 weeks leading up to the baby’s birth. Each gift was thoughtfully chosen by Counting Down Gifts and related to my friend and her soon to be first born. She would call me each week she opened her gift and excitedly tell me about what she had received. She loved that she had something each week to look forward to opening and as I don’t live near by it meant I could be a part of her experience too even though I couldn’t be there in person.”

We believe in the excitement and anticipation. Tell us what you are looking forward to and a bit about your loved one and we will deliver an array of surprise gifts for you to open and count down to the event


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